Building a home coffee setup

25 Jul 2022 - Johannes Ebeling - 1 minutes to read

For many years now the way that I’ve been improving my coffee game was by taking a lot more care buying coffee beans as I was a bit initimidated by the sheer amount of options when it comes to fancy home coffee setups.

We already own a Melitta Caffeo CI, an AeroPress plus Porlex Grinder combo, a fairly simple drip coffee maker, a V60-style pour-over brewer and a siphone coffee maker that I got as a gift. So quite a collection of gadgets but no consistent theme and some crucial pieces are missing, e.g. an actual grinder. We use the Melitta superautomatic the most. It does a passable job at creating coffee drinks when provided with high-quality coffee beans. You really need to spend some money as any imperfections during roasting get amplified a lot.

It’s far from perfect. The brewer isn’t able to create actual espresso, it suffers from horrible retention and static issues that lead to a lot of coffee being wasted and I’ve also repaired it more times then I can count.

This lead to my wife and me getting more and more frustrated and ultimately deciding to build an actual coffee setup from scratch. Our goal is to integrate it seamlessly into our existing kitchen using the Decent coffee cart concept as our main point of inspiration.

We’re still in the early stages of planning, but we indent to finish the overall project by the end of the year.

You can visit the Craft project page to follow our progress.